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Cursed Dungeon Walkthrough

Play Cursed Dungeon with cheats


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Training fights: you can earn gold and stones to upgrade your equipment easily.

Hint: Before you fight the boss, you should spend all your money in the market because after you kill him, the prices will be higher.

1st boss – Red Dragon

The Red Dragon has two skills: stun and strong attack. He is the first boss of the game and you should have no problem killing him. When he starts casting his skills, cast your stun to cancel his casting. Use potions while he is stunned or when you are low health.

2nd boss – The Wizard

The wizard has just one skill: heal. He has large amount of health and will heal a lot of health frequently. The secret to kill him is to use the Wound Skill because the damage will be based on his total health.

3rd boss – The Fallen Demon

The fallen demon has a special skill: Berserk. When he uses it, his speed is increased by 50% for 3 seconds. When he uses Berserk, you should stun him and use potions. After that, you should use Head Cracker (if you have a lot of attack points) and wound to kill him.

Tough enemy – Reversal Mirror

Reversal mirror is a copy of the hero with attack and speed stats changed. If you are having trouble with him, you should go to the town to reset your stats and then distribute them in a balanced way.

Last boss – The Necromancer

The Necromancer has 2 skills: heal and summon. Like the wizard, he heals a large amount of health. Sometimes he summons a creature to the battle. The wound skill is very good against him; however, if he summon a monster, the wound will be cured. The secret is to gain a lot of rage killing his monsters and to stun him and them cast the head cracker skill. This way he won't escape your attacks. You also should have a large amount of health to survive the battle.