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Danger Dungeon Walkthrough


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Allies: they are independant but they'll follow you and help you fight. They will collect useful things like keys and potions without needing to be asked.

Potions: don't leave any behind, but let your allies get some too! Potions will affect the whole group, and allies can drink them to save themselves or each other.

Equipment: if you drop or don't accept an item, your allies will give it to whoever needs it the most. It's a good idea to carry a small amount of extra gear, which you can drop when you rescue another ally - they're always grateful!

Amulets: to get the bonuses you must open your Inventory, click on an amulet, then click the USE button which will appear.

1st Boss - Lord Bonyparts

He's tougher than other skeletons and he has a knock-back ability. Hit the taunt button after he knocks you back to make sure he chases you instead of attacking a weaker ally. Use a RAGE potion and the BLOCKER skill if you have learned it.

2nd Boss - Old Stoneface

Kill the Summoners in the final chamber of the labyrinth to wake Old Stoneface. He has a nasty area attack so make sure you have plenty of HEAL and REGEN potions ready. It is a good idea to clear out the whole labyrinth before starting this battle so you don't get interrupted.

3rd Boss - King Hammerfist

The King is surrounded by lots of Orc Followers, they're not real tough but there are heaps of them! Use the 'Wait' button to keep your allies in the room before the final chamber, then scout ahead and wait for a few to notice you and give chase. Keep pulling small numbers of them until you think you will be able to fight the King and whoever is left.

4th Boss - The Necromaster

This is the big boss of the Dungeon. To reach him you will have to fight through a series of rooms filled with different monsters. The doors open automatically when you kill all monsters in a room. Explore thoroughly to make sure you find all the potions and equipment. The Necromaster has a few buddies around him, kill them first. Watch out for the powerful knock-back bolt spell, and be ready for him to use Mirror Shield. When Mirror Shield is active, all your damage will be reflected back to you... so back off and press taunt, drink a potion, then attack again as soon as the shield is down.

The Treasure Rooms

After you have defeated the Necromaster you will enter the treasure rooms... be aware that there is a timer on the exit and some very powerful Savage Guardians to protect the chests. Move quickly, and if you are too slow there is an alternate exit to the West... but it's a long tough passage!

The Gate Keeper

This guy is just tough... really really tough. Fortunately you should be wearing some awesome gear by the time you reach him. If you still don't fancy your chances, he'll let you leave in return for one half of your treasure!