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Free Games For Your Site

On this page you will find a of games sponsored by Erst Games. You may download any of the games and post them to your own website, provided that you do not modify the games in any way. Feel free to check back on this page regularly, as we will continue to add new games as we sponsor them.

Pixel 2

Pixel 2 Icon

Pixel 2 is the sequel to hit shooter Pixel, features even more colorful explosions! Features four worlds with unique enemies, Pixel 2 takes the original game in a new direction with powerful new abilities! Freeze, burn, shock, and unleash other powerful abilities on your enemies as you play to an all new awesome music track of Polyphone Music, the same music studio that composed for Pixel 1!

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Danger Dungeon

Danger Dungeon Icon

What happens when a gang of modern kids finds an old Dungeon? Start your adventure in Danger Dungeon by customising your character choice. Prepare yourself for battle against many enemies. Collect weapons, armor, amulets and potions as you explore. Customize your skills with new attacks. Customize your statistics to suit your play style. Can you find and defeat the Necromaster at the heart of the Dungeon? There's a huge world to explore, and the whole gang to be rescued!

The game has been reviewed by JayIsGames!

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Cursed Dungeon

Cursed Dungeon Icon

A quick action RPG. Slay monsters, upgrade your equipment, learn new skills, choose your battle strategy and find the cure for your curse.
- 3 Classes
- 28 monsters (4 of them are bosses)
- Original combat system
- Nearly 2 hours gameplay.

The game has been reviewed by JayIsGames!

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