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Feedback for Titan Lunch Retaliation
  • ErstGames December 2011
    Posts: 1328
    This discussion is related to the Titan Lunch Retaliation game.

    It's rumored that the only things titans know how to do are kill and eat. So when a war-weary titan has his lunch snatched from his hands by a bird, he does the only thing he can: shake his fists! Oh and then he launches himself into the air, stabbing the sweet mythology out of everything in sight, propelling himself after that stupid bird by leaping from the flying corpses of his enemies. YEAAARGGGH! Keep the dream of his lunch alive with equipment upgrades, bosses to fight, and high scores to beat!

    Titan Lunch Annihilation can be played with the mouse or the keyboard.

    To launch yourself, click the mouse or press spacebar as the titan runs down the hill.

    When you approach an enemy, click the mouse or press spacebar to grapple, pulling yourself to it. You will stab it automatically and leap back into the air.

    Stay up as long as you can by stabbing enemies!
    When you reach a boss, you must click the mouse or press spacebar to stop the meter in the green section.