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Imaginary Science - The Clan
  • CheetosCheetos October 2012
    Posts: 6
    Hello all you clever foxes out there! Do you have a creative mind? Then this is the group for you! All you have to do is sign up here and your in! Here's the plan:

    We get a bunch of people into this group and:

    ..They all have favorite classes..
    ..Favorite school subjects..
    ..and a very spacious mind!

    Here is the registration thing:

    Display Name (Username):
    Fav Subject:
    Favorite Class (TF2, ect.):

    ( ID will be given by an administrator.)


    Sheeep (Dr.Cheetos)
    ID: AD_0001
    Class: The Heavy & Science Specialist & Winged Idiot

    ID: ME_0002
    Class: The Mage & Millionaire

    ID: ME_0003
    Class: The Scout & The Heavy & Shopman

    ID: ME_0004
    Class: DEMO DEMO DEMO & Science Specialist
  • foelaserfoelaser October 2012
    Posts: 34
    name foelaser
    fave subject sicence
    fave class assassin
  • foelaserfoelaser October 2012
    Posts: 34
    can i join now?
  • Battle_MageBattle_Mage October 2012
    Posts: 42
    sure dude just wait for @Cheetos
  • foelaserfoelaser October 2012
    Posts: 34