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Zombie Splatter

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Survival Zombie Action Shooting Upgrade Mayhem Click to find more games like this.
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  • Zombie Splatter Screenshot
  • Zombie Splatter Screenshot
  • Zombie Splatter Screenshot


Zombies, gore, slow motion and a chainsaw. A high quality shooting game which makes fun of the famous zombie shooting genre.

One calm afternoon Bob realizes his home yard is being assaulted by zombies. Soon he finds out his lawn wasn’t the main target. Bob decides to visit the source, the graveyard, to find out what’s causing this. A mysterious hatch in the mausoleum takes him on a journey, deeper and deeper underground, all the way to Hell.

About the soundtrack
Many of you are wondering why the music in the menu sounds so familiar. Many of you have also recognized the melody. The same melody is used at least in “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”, “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya” and “Ants Go Marching”. You have probably heard the song in many movies.

How To Play

Use Arrows / WASD to move
Use Mouse to shoot
Use space to visit the shop
The “Rambo Mode” will activate on low HP.

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