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Age of Defense 4

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Skirmish Fantasy Strategy Upgrade Click to find more games like this.
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  • Age of Defense 4 Screenshot
  • Age of Defense 4 Screenshot
  • Age of Defense 4 Screenshot
  • Age of Defense 4 Screenshot


Age of Defense 4 is a mix between defense and strategy warfare game, unleash unit, destroy enemy defense and defend your base with ultimate weapons!

How To Play

Move mouse to the edge of screen to scroll map or use LEFT/RIGHT and A/D.
Click any unit’s icons below to unleash units.
Hold mouse to increase the throw power, then release it to throw a thrown object.
Press mouse to shoot arrows and guns, when ammo empty, it will automatically reload.
Press 1 to use primary weapon.
Press 2 to use secondary weapon.
Press Space Bar to cast special weapons.
Click world to set background.
When blue bar maximum. weapons will affect special effects: fire, poison, explode and light.
Click Spell Button to use spell, each age own different spell.
Press P or click menu to pause.
See in-game instructions for further information.

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