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Zombie Riot

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Defense Pixel Strategy Zombie Click to find more games like this.
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Survive from the zombie riot!
Gather survivors by saving them from buildings full of zombies!
Put your survivors strategically to defend against the zombies' attacks
Each survivor has his/her own special ability,
Gordon with his iron pipe or Nevera with her tundra rifle!

be careful with the special zombies!
from bouncing-attack zombie, digger zombie, to robo zombie.
Defend against the zombies on every location, from office buildings, hospitals, to parks.

Use sniper blast skill to blow the zombies' heads, push them back with Mega boomerang,
or freeze them in place with frozen air.
Upgrade the survivors' to make them even stronger.

How To Play

Defend against the zombies by placing the survivors properly, and use Skills. Gold earned in the battles can be used to upgrade survivors and skills. Can be done with left mouse click or keyboard shortcut.

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