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Danger Dungeon

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What happens when a gang of modern kids finds an old Dungeon?

Start your adventure in Danger Dungeon by customising your character choice.
Prepare yourself for battle against many enemies.
Collect weapons, armor, amulets and potions as you explore.
Customize your skills with new attacks.
Customize your statistics to suit your play style.
Can you find and defeat the Necromaster at the heart of the Dungeon?
There's a huge world to explore, and the whole gang to be rescued!

A huge Dungeon explorer, with many different creatures, weapons, treasures and bosses to discover!
- 27 weapons;
- 35 enemies;
- 8 levels;
- 5 bosses with unique abilities!

How To Play

Walkthrough >>

- ‘use’ amulets in your inventory to get permanent stat boosts
- click the ‘go to exit’ button to walk to the exit automatically after you find it
- ‘taunt’ the enemies if they are beating up your friends too badly
- let your friends collect some potions, they share them out then hand the rest to you
- you can swap equipment with your friends: click the item in inventory, change inventory page, click to equip the item on a friend or store it in their bags. You can share potions this way too.
- use the ‘wait’ button to cancel attack instructions to your allies, click on an empty floor area to cancel attacks for yourself
- sell unneeded equipment and potions, every $2500 gives you an extra stat point to spend

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