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Tactical Force 1

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Tactical Force 1, Your mission, Ghost1, should you choose to accept it...

Use your sharpshooter skills to complete each mission and kill all the enemy soldiers. You need fast reflexes and a killer instinct to survive...

How To Play

Mouse = Aim & Shoot
Space = Reload & Take Cover
Q = Switch Weapons
W = Adjust Scope
E = Change Firing Mode

Feedback for Tactical Force 1


  • lukesuxx October 2012
    Posts: 1
    This particular shoot-'em-up game raped my mom and tried to sue my sister for custody of the microwave oven.(the one she got for x-mas,not the black one we caught stealing donuts last year) I have therefore deemed it semanti-social and would advise against prolapsed exposure for fear of possibly developing an interesting and otherwise colorful opinion about the inhabitants of the eastern seaboard dwelling pro-life mafioso dance troupe we have come to know as 'Ralph'. Should symptoms persist- i advise you call Dr. Dre immediately and ask him to recite the Tom Pettysburgh address in Swahili whilst David-Greco style wrestling a young protestant game hen and gargling the contents of Jack McBrayer's trapper keeper.
    Ryan C. Crestout.