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LRU: Hunter

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The Arch Demon Gladious is free from his eternal prison and with the great hero Lethal trapped in his place, it’s up to you to stop him from conquering the galaxy. You play a bounty hunter named Ziva, one the few in the universe trained in the Arcane arts. Use swords, guns and magic to defeat your foes and collect loot and unlock abilities as you progress through the epic story.

How To Play

Use the ‘WASD’ keys to move your character. ‘Q’ changes between weapons. ‘E’ to block attacks with your shield. Mouse or ‘Control’ to attack and Space to use your ability. To view/change the full controls, go to the controls menu in-game. To equip new items go to the items menu. To buy/sell items and to collect missions go to Terza Station on the space map. To view missions click on a planet and any available missions will show.

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