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Tribot Fighter

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Beat`em Up Action Upgrade Achievement Click to find more games like this.
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Help our hero fight through action-packed levels and reach the top of the tower where the final boss awaits him. Transform into 3 different robots as you play! Unlock 18 special abilities that will help you in your quest! There are 16 achievements to be completed, go get them! It's a very challenging game, but by collecting achievements you gain more lives when you start the game. There is a Tribopedia section which explains important aspects of the game in more detail.
Now, go and fight!

How To Play

Arrow keys - Move
Tap twice LEFT or RIGHT - Run
A - Jump
S - Kick, Put down object
D - Punch, Pick up object, Throw object
Q - Change to Robot1
W - Change to Robot2
E - Change to Robot 3
X - pause/resume game/train new abilities
M- music on/off

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